The mission of our company is to offer comprehensive services at the highest level. Our work is based on reliability, timeliness and a partnership approach to cooperation with Customers and Counterparties. Every project, even the smallest one, is carried out in accordance with the principles of engineering art, applicable standards and, above all, the Customer’s guidelines.

The highest level of service is guaranteed by experienced staff with extensive technical knowledge.

We strive to become a leader in the mechanical branch, valued for our reliability and timeliness.

ENERGOREMONT Spółka Jawna with the registered office in Świecie started to operate on the market on May 15th, 1991. Initially, the company relied on the staff of „Energomontaż – Północ” working on the premises of the Pulp and Paper Plant in Świecie, currently MONDI Świecie S.A.

Since the beginning of the construction of the Pulp and Paper Plant in Świecie, a group of experienced employees have worked mainly at the Power Department in the area of construction of boilers with auxiliary equipment, tanks made of carbon and acid resistant steel, pipelines, as well as in the construction of engine rooms, water softening plants, evaporators, steel structures and flyovers.

Currently, the company specializes in the execution of investments in the power, paper, chemical and refinery branches. We have extensive references in the area of modernization and assembly of power equipment, design as well as production and repair of tanks, production and assembly of various types of industrial systems and also design and production of steel structures.

It is worth noting that we have our own design office with mechanical specialization. We have qualified and proven technical staff
as well as experienced and talented supervisors for comprehensive management of demanding projects of our Customers as a general contractor.