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zbiorniki przemysłowe

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Pipeline systems


Our offer includes comprehensive execution of pipeline systems for various purposes for the paper, energy, chemical and petro-chemical branches.

We execute various systems, starting from typical transmission systems from carbon steel , through high pressure systems made from steel grades P235GH, P265GH, 16Mo3, 13CrMo, 10CrMO, P91 and the systems resistant to the the most harsh chemical conditions made from acid-resistant steel, Duplex, SUPER-Duplex, and Cuni-Fer, up to the systems made from titanium.

As a company, we supply, prefabricate and assemble pipelines with a full range of diameters and wall thickness, in accordance with the applicable standards and manufacturing directives. We provide the whole pipeline manufacturing process, starting from the purchase of materials, up to the testing, PWHT, inspection and acceptance by notified bodies. Having a wide range of machinery, we also manufacture various types of pipe fittings, such as flanges or reducing pipes, and we perform cold bending of pipes. The comprehensive range of our pipeline offer allows us to carry out works in a very short time with the highest quality standards.