Steel structures

Serwis papiernictwo


zbiorniki przemysłowe

Power equipment

zbiorniki przemysłowe

Pipeline systems

Overhauls and assemblies of equipment


Our company has been carrying out overhauls in the Petro-Chemical, Paper and Energy industries for years as a General Contractor.

We cooperate with leading companies in the industry, such as PKN ORLEN S.A., MONDI Świecie S.A., INTERNATIONAL PAPER, STORAENSO and many others, performing comprehensive repair and assembly works as well as equipment inspections. Taking into account the demanding environment and specificity of our work, we are ready to provide services at the highest technical level. We
provide, among others, the following services:

  • comprehensive replacement of equipment such as reactors, exchangers, tanks with associated systems,
  • modernization and repair of pipeline systems, process equipment such as pumps, heat exchangers, etc.,
  • conveyor repairs,
  • repairs and inspections of the Dora settling tanks at the Wastewater Treatment Plants,
  • mechanical inspections of various types of equipment.