Ulikowski Edmund - Owner
Różycki Adam - Technical Director

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The energy sector is the main branch of industry buying our services. Our area of specialization includes, but is not limited to:
manufacture, repairs and installation of pressure components of boilers (water heater, steam heater, screening chambers, steam heater),
comprehensive installation of new boilers,
refurbishment and repairs of steam boilers,
refurbishment and repairs of water boilers,
repairs and inspections of devices related with the boiler plant (fuel mills and feeders, air heaters, fans, etc.),
repairs and inspections of the fittings,
repairs, manufacturing and assembly of water and steam systems and of other technological installations made of carbon and acid resistant steel.
ENERGOREMONT Spółka Jawna is also experienced in construction and conversion of OP type coal fuelled boilers into biomass fuelled boilers (so-called BFB).
During recent years, the company was the main contractor of comprehensive conversion of boilers, working under a Finnish manufacturer’s supervision, for the following clients:
Polish Energy Partners of Świecie, Poland – comprehensive conversion (100% pressure parts) of an OP-140 boiler into a BFB (Fluidised Bed Boiler) with an output of 100 tonnes of steam per hour,
KOGENERACJA S.A., Wrocław, Poland – comprehensive conversion of an OP-140 boiler into a BFB with an output of 100 tonnes of steam per hour.